LBH works with neighborhoods and public and private agencies, including the Cultural Heritage Commission, to strengthen public protections and preservation incentives.

Long Beach Heritage Envisions a Community Where…

Community members can identify historic places and architecturally significant structures in neighborhoods and know that they are not frozen in time, but are adaptable to reuse with sensitive modification to changing needs.

School children learn about the city’s architectural heritage and historic places and why they are important to preserve.

Public officials support enactment and implementation of effective preservation incentives. 

Owners know whether their property has potential historic value; appreciate its special attributes; understand that interior as well as appropriate exterior modification is possible even for landmarked structures, and are aware of incentives available to landmark home owners. 

Realtors and developers highlight attributes that make a property a potential landmark. In Historic Districts they must make potential buyers aware of the rules and regulations regarding the property. They must have a working knowledge of the federal, state and local tax and fee incentives that are associated with being in an Historic District. 

Architects include successful adaptive reuse projects in their portfolios, help clients understand the environmental and other benefits of preservation and take advantage of incentives that encourage adaptive reuse of potential landmark properties.

Visitors (regional, national and international) will learn about Long Beach’s historically significant structures and places, our gracious neighborhoods and parks, our shopping streets and our historic hotels as highlights of their stay and as a reason for return. 

Long Beach Heritage is widely recognized as the go-to organization for assistance in understanding our architectural heritage and historic places, and the use of the benefits and incentives associated with their preservation.  We advocate the best ways to conserve the values and craftsmanship of earlier times.


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