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  • The Future of the Long Beach Redevelopment Agency
  • Fourth Annual Restoration Trade Fair
  • Victorian Magic at the Bembridge House
  • Architectural Heritage in Southern California
  • Message from the President
  • Flower Mart Facing Demolition
  • Contribute now to our Preservation Awards Benefit Silent Auction
  • Bookworms at Bembridge House!
  • Thirteenth Annual California Heights Home and Garden Tour
  • Beginning embroidery Sampler Class
  • What’s Up at the Bembridge House
  • Advocacy Report

The Future of the Long Beach Redevelopment Agency

By Louise Ivers

2011 Fall Newsletter

Redevelopment agencies (RDAs) have been in the news a lot lately. After Jerry Brown was elected governor he out- lined numerous reductions to help bal- ance the budget in California, which is in dire straits. One of these entailed abolishing RDAs statewide to save mon- ey. The legislature approved this cut, but allowed the reconstitution of the agen- cies if they agreed to contribute what local city administrators refer to as “ran- som payments” to the state, i.e. funds for the public schools. At first it seemed that the Long Beach RDA was headed for extinction, but the City Council vot- ed “to pass legislation opting in to the state’s new redevelopment program, which would require an initial payment of $34 million,” according to the 8 Au- gust issue of the Press-Telegram. How- ever, Long Beach and other California cities are suing the state in the Supreme Court to repeal the redevelopment bills approved by the legislature and signed by Jerry Brown. The 12 August edition of the Press-Telegram stated that the Long Beach RDA will be able to resume its role by the end of September and that the League of California Cities’ case will be heard by the court in January 2012. According to city officials, redevelop- ment projects that were set to begin in the near future will be prioritized. These include the Panel Brick Style American Hotel on East Broadway, an adaptive reuse project of the oldest extant com- mercial building in the city, constructed...Read More