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In this Issue:

  • Ninety Years of Community Service
  • An Interview with Ted Wells
  • Nomadic Builder of Belmont, Bluff Heights
  • Message from the President, Melinda Roney
  • Include Long Beach Heritage in your estate planning.
  • Membership Report — September 1, 2013
  • California Heights Home and garden Tour
  • Thank You Charlotte Mitchell!
  • What’s up at the Bembridge House
  • Long Beach Heritege Board of Directors 2013/2014
  • Volunteer of the Year - Mary ellen Mitchell
  • Communal gardens, Nothing New under the Sun
  • Save the Date - Victorian Christmas at the Bembridge House December 8, 2013
  • Nomadic Builder of Belmont, Bluff Heights
  • The edison Building: A Mid-Century Modern Icon

Ninety Years of Community Service in Long Beach

Ninety Years of Community Service

By Maureen Poe

Postcard from the Stanley E. Poe Collection 

Turning the pages of the book, Long Beach, A History Through Its Architecture, by Louise H. Ivers one can learn about Long Beach’s past architectural treasures. One structure that Dr. Ivers notes as significant in urban areas is the hospital which Long Beach acquired in 1905-1906. “Designed by Henry F. Starbuck, the Long Beach Hospital displayed his characteristic pyramidal towers topped by finials, seen also in the First Congregational Church of 1902. The Hospital was located at the corner of 10th Street and Linden Avenue, now the site of St. Mary’s Hospital, cost $60,000, measured 120 feet x 180 feet, and was constructed of pressed brick. It had screened front porch with Iconic columns and string courses separating the stories in more or less classical style. The doctors and board of directors disagreed about the administration of the Hospital and in 1907 the Battle Creek Sanitarium Company of Michigan took it over. The owners of the Sanitarium published post cards that advertised it as ‘California’s foremost health resort,’ although The Daily Telegram referred to it as...

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