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In this Issue:

  • A Victory for Preservation and Democracy
  • A Great New Tool for Historic Preservation
  • Historic District Meeting at Bembridge House
  • Miner Smith Project
  • The Role of the Psychic Temple in Long Beach History
  • Summer Musical Magic on the Green at Santa Anita Race Track
  • Save the Date! Victorian Christmas at the Bembridge House Dec. 6th
  • Long Beach Heritage Volunteer of the Year
  • Membership Report —Sept. 2015
  • Bembridge House News
  • TREASURES of the 20s and 30s - Oct. 25th


A Victory for Preservation and Democracy 


A Victory for Preservation and Democracy 1A Victory for Preservation and Democracy 2

Top Left: The Jennie Reeve house by Charles and Henry Greene (left) is a Long Beach Historic Landmark
Bottom Left: The Alamitos Branch Library designed by the City Engineer’s Office (right) is proposed as a new Historic Landmark.
Right: The Broadlind Hotel (above) is a designated city landmark.


By Louise Ivers


Long Beach Heritage won a recent preservation issue due to the combined efforts of leaders and members to reach out to the Mayor and City Council.

A streamlined version of the Cultural Heritage Commission Ordinance was presented by Development Services staff to the Commission at their June meeting. They refused to accept it because it contained a provision stating that “no landmark designation shall be considered without the authorization of the property owner.” The Cultural Heritage Commission requested that the language of the original ordinance, which stated that “any interested group or individual” could nominate a building for landmark status, be kept in the new document. Property owners could still “petition to withdraw from designated status” if they followed the correct procedure under the original guidelines. Ultimately, the City Attorney who attended the Cultural Heritage meeting decided to send the two versions to the City Council for their decision.

Long Beach Heritage embarked upon an email letter writing campaign to the Mayor and City Council members. We were joined by the Los Angeles Conservancy and the State Historic Preservation Office, as well as our former Long Beach Historic Preservation Officer, Ruthann Lehrer. The volume of... Click Here to Read the Full Article.