Long Beach Heritage is a nonprofit education and advocacy group promoting public knowledge and preservation of significant historical and architectural resources, neighborhoods, and the cultural heritage of Long Beach.

Long Beach Heritage Board Members 2013-2014

Long Beach Heritage 2013 Board of Directors

Christina Yanis, Julie Nemechek, Janice Furman, Steffie Hands, Javier Gonzalez, Mary Ellen Mitchell, Mary Kay Nottage, Melinda Roney, Cheryl Perry, Chris Launi, Karen Highberger, Chris Hogan, Tami Dowgiewicz, Charlotte Mitchell, Wendy Harn, Sasha Witte and Kathie Fry.

Not pictured: Stan Poe, Louise Ivers, Bobbi Burket, Robert Finney, Scarlett Finney and Jodi Rich.


President Melinda Roney
President Emeritus Stan Poe
VP Education Tami Dowgiewicz
Walking Tours Chris Hogan
Special Activities Sasha Witte
General Meetings Janice Furman
VP Bembridge House Chris Hogan
VP Advocacy Wendy Harn
Neighborhood Outreach Karen Highberger
Additional Advocacy liaisons by appointment
VP Public Awareness Julie Nemechek
Newsletter Editor Louise Ivers
Public Relations Jodi Rich
Digital Archivists Robert Finney & Scarlett Finney
Photographer Chris Launi
Historian Christina Yanis
VP Membership Development Steffie Hands
Membership Chair Kathie Fry
Volunteers/Docents Bobbi Burket
Advisors Chair Maureen Neeley 
VP Fund Development Charlotte Mitchell
Awards Benefit Patty Moore
Awards Jury Karen Clements
Silent Auction Mary Ellen Mitchell
Great Homes Tour Mary Lou Martin
Hollywood Bowl Javier Gonzalez
Loft Walk Laura Verbryck & Anne Marie Ashley
Board Development Cheryl Perry
Secretary Bobbi Burket
Treasurer Cheryl Perry
Bold type denotes voting Board positions