Mark the Map


What is Mark the Map? 

The City of Long Beach is updating its Historic Context Statement, a critical resource when it comes to our local history and preservation of our historic resources. The document is used by City staff and professionals as they determine which places must be protected in order to appropriately convey our local history.

Mark the Map is an initiative that requires your participation in order to learn about places that are important to you and your community. Together we can tell a more accurate and complete story about our heritage. Our current list of designated Long Beach Historic Landmarks primarily focuses on buildings of architectural value from the first half of the twentieth century, but there is an opportunity to highlight Modern buildings, cultural landscapes, and properties that represent our diverse community, such as places associated with people of color, the LGBT+ community, and women’s history.

Participating in this initiative does not mean the place you submit will become a historic landmark, but it does allow for us to gain a better understanding about our community so that the City of Long Beach can plan for our future. Use your voice and Mark the Map!