Historic Landmarks

The City of Long Beach has over 120 designated historic sites. Below are just a few highlights. View a complete list of landmarks on the city’s website.

Photo credit: Christopher Launi

Kimpson-Nixon Residence

The Kimpson-Nixon Residence, built in 1940, was designed by Raphael Soriano. It is among the most significant International Style residences in Southern California.


Photo Credit: We Are The Next

Hot Cha Cafe

The Hot Cha Cafe originated as a modest house, constructed in 1910, before it was converted to an eye-catching coffee pot in 1932 to entice motorists. It was renamed the Hot Cha Cafe in 1936. The landmark was recently rehabilitated and has received a Long Beach Heritage Preservation Award.


Photo credit: Cameron Carothers

The Bixby Ranch House

The Bixby Ranch House, built in 1890 for George Bixby, was once surrounded by agricultural land and served as the centerpiece of the ranch operations. The area was later subdivided and the home is part of a small gated community in Bixby Knolls. The elegant estate is an outstanding example of 19th-century craftsmanship by brothers Almeric and Ernest Coxhead.