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Photo credit: Louise Ivers

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Get updates on current issues, preservation projects in progress, and learn more about what you can do to help save places that matter.


Mark the Map

The City of Long Beach is updating its Historic Context Statement, a critical resource when it comes to our local history and preservation of our historic resources. The document is used by City staff and professionals as they determine which places must be protected in order to appropriately convey our local history.


The Eldridge Combs Office Building (1962) by Edward Killingsworth is currently undergoing renovations. Photo credit: Sarah Locke

Issues to Watch

Learn more about significant places that have an uncertain future. These at-risk properties are potentially threatened with insensitive alterations, demolition by neglect, or may be targeted for redevelopment.


The Santa Fe Train Depot was relocated to Willow Springs Park before it was lost to fire.

Past Issues

Learn more about past issues, including restoration and adaptive reuse projects, as well as significant resources that have been demolished or altered beyond recognition.